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28, 물고기 자리, Colombia, CALI
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성적 취향양성애자
신장>5' - 5'3" [150센티미터 - 160센티미터]
무게100 - 120 파운드 [46 - 55 kg]
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Look at you. Know your thoughts, desires. Weasels. Tenderness and rudeness. Sense of humor, erudition ... games. Money and the brain are very sexy ...

Посмотри на себя. Знай свои мысли, желания. Ласки. Нежность и грубость. Чувство юмора, эрудиция ... игры. Деньги и мозг очень сексуальны ..
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A nice, sweet, beautiful girl is glad to communicate and get acquainted.
내 기분을 상하게 하는 것
When a man is more feminine than me.
Когда мужчина женственнее меня.
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수요일 오전 7:00 – 오후 3:00
목요일 오전 7:00 – 오후 3:00
금요일 오전 7:00 – 오후 3:00
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일요일 오전 8:00 – 오후 4:00
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Logitech camera
Logitech camera
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juguete nora lovense
juguete nora lovense
Diseño de Vibrador Rabbit Innovador : ¡La cabeza giratoria permite encontrar fácilmente y estimular tu Punto-G! Vibraciones Profundas: El vibrador dentro del brazo para clítoris es muy potente - no es débil como otros vibradores rabbit Brazo Flexible: Asegura que las vibraciones lleguen al punto correcto - trabaja excelente con diferentes tipo de cuerpos Otras Características: Impermeable, USB Recargable, Seguro para el cuerpo
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quiero recorrer el mundo!!
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19. 12. 17.
Super Cora West is the most beautiful sensual hot sexy women in the world - marry me
19. 12. 4.
ohhh thanks
19. 10. 25.
I love you
19. 10. 10.
Eres la mejor, guapa
19. 10. 10.
Estoy enamorado de ti
19. 10. 7.
I really love this beutyfull Girl. So pretty and kind. Makeme happy all the time.
So when you like to marry me please Call ❤️❤️❤️
19. 10. 1.
you are a very beautiful worthy Lady every man’s dream,
it’s always rightly said that beauty is not possible to buy for a million dollars because it only exists inside the soul that not every man can not see this beauty with you as secretly all codes. to find out this code just need started the trust of love should be mutual understanding ..
I wish you from the heart of happiness the joyful sun of life